Child Daycare Center Piccolo Dome

Our nursery is a welfare facility that has been put up since July of 2007 with the objective to make it easier to balance “work” with “child and/or nursing care” (work-life balance), as well as to manage an efficient and sustainable nursing care, and to ensure care staff who endeavor on their own to handle child rearing and nursing care.
With our various support system, it has been made possible to leave your child in our care: we provide temporary care system during school days off, childcare system when a child becomes suddenly ill (e.g. fever) or under recovery/convalescence (our facility clinic is capable of timely treatment), and our nursery is equipped with an isolation room in the case of any infectious diseases.
Children are grouped by age and are encouraged to follow the daily activities according to our monthly and/or yearly planned activity programs, thus, you can able to leave your child under our care during your maternity leave.
With 6 reliable staff, we currently have 7 regularly registered and 24 other irregularly registered children. Just like the very first day of operation, we are spending a 100% high-energetic fun day with all the children.

In line with our President’s principle, “Anytime, anywhere CHILDCARE”, we take the children once or twice a month to each facility units to demonstrate our method of nursing. Another purpose is to communicate with the elderly people who could introduce old hand games to the children. This activity is called “Shucchō Asa No Kai” or the morning facility trip and we still carry it until today. As a result, even though gradually, it is beneficial. We also have an area inside the compound which is called the “Happy Child Playground’ wherein children are safe to play around. It is located near the working site so parents can attend to their children during their break. Most of the parents are amazed that their children discover lots of new things which they don’t normally notice when with them. With peaceful environment and abundant nature, we believe that this is the perfect place to work. Why not bring your kids along and start working now?

Piccolo Dome