Short-term admission life care, home care

Short-term admission life care

介護老人福祉施設 グリーンバー
For those who care at home, if it is difficult to care for them due to illness or other reasons, people with disabilities who need care can be admitted for a short period of time, and meals, bathing, excretion, etc. are required individually. We will support you.

We aim to provide meal care that keeps the guests energetic and “let’s eat”.We offer regular meals, soft meals, and smooth meals to suit guests, valuing not only the taste but also the appearance.


We grasp the individual excretion patterns of guests based on data and provide excretion care with an emphasis on guest comfort.


There is a one-to-one correspondence between guests and staff, and we provide care from changing clothes to bathing that makes you want to enter with this person.

Home care

At home, we provide nursing care such as meals, bathing, excretion, housework such as cooking, washing and cleaning, consultation and advice on daily life, and other general life assistance.