Small-scale multifunctional home Osumi Nichirinkan

小規模多機能ホーム おおすみ日輪館
It is a service that allows you to comprehensively receive outpatient services, visits, and overnight stays, mainly at home. We will provide a continuous life with the motto of safety and security.


Registration capacity 29 people
Daily capacity 18 people
1 day accommodation capacity 9 people

Service usage fee

* The usage fee is a flat rate of 1 unit per month (in the case of 100% burden)

Needs nursing care 1 10,364 yen
Needs nursing care 2 15,232 yen
Needs nursing care 3 22,157 yen
Needs nursing care 4 24,454 yen
Needs nursing care 5 26,964 yen
To support 1 3,418 yen
To support 2 6,908 yen

Functions of small-scale multifunctional home care service


The basics of small-scale multi-functionality are common. Familiar staff will be involved, and while being close to each person’s feelings, we will respond with flexible services that suit the convenience of the person and family.


Unlike conventional home-visit nursing care (home helper), staff members who are familiar with the time zone that cannot be supported by just using the regular service will visit your home and take necessary measures such as confirming your safety.


When it becomes difficult to continue living at home due to conditions or family circumstances, familiar staff can always stay with you.


We will create a care plan in cooperation with not only the relationship between our office and the person but also the medical aspect including the relationship with the community and family, and comprehensively support the life at home.

Exchange with the community

We will create opportunities for social participation and interaction with the community as much as possible so that we can continue to live safely and with peace of mind in the area where we are accustomed to living.

Small-scale multifunctional home Osumi Nichirinkan

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Seasonal events (cherry blossom viewing, etc.)
We plan to participate in local events (festivals, school events, etc.).