Greetings from the President

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of its establishment, we have renewed the management system on August 1, 2nd year of Reiwa, implemented organizational changes, and changed the names of corporations and business establishments in order to “return to the beginning”. We decided to change and restart. Atsushige Takahara, the founder’s first deputy director, founded this corporation in September 1988, “to help the happiness of the elderly and to cherish the lives of people.” The local people acknowledge the sense of security that “If you go there, you will be able to follow up on all nursing care, from consultation, staying at home, facilities, and nursing care.” To do so, it must be a facility that is open to the community, must be loved by the community, and must be trusted by the community. There was a desire to develop business together with local residents in the local community. We will continue to carry on these thoughts and continue our business.

“Let’s blossom with all our might”

In the face of a super-aging society, we have been engaged in various community-based long-term care and medical businesses in order to respond to the aging of society and the diversification of welfare needs. On the other hand, while women are advancing into society, the declining birthrate is accelerating due to insufficient social infrastructure such as childcare and disabilities. Solving such social issues not only contributes to the achievement of the United Nations Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs), but also considers the significance of the existence of a social welfare corporation in the first place, and children with disabilities We are also actively developing after-school day services and company-led childcare businesses. We will continue to do our best as a team of management and staff to further strengthen compliance, establish internal control, and devote ourselves to the development of community-based welfare. We look forward to your continued support and kindness.

Social welfare corporation ShuhokaiChairman

Shuhokai Philosophy

The guests are healthy and full of smiles,
In order to make your own flowers bloom in your heart
Provide warm welfare and medical services.

Our Vision for Greenbird

  1. To create a facility where our customers would think “I’m so happy I came here” as they live out their last days.
  2. To create a facility where the staffs are happy to work with enthusiasm toward a clear goal.
  3. To create a facility where the staff would feel like saying “I want my parents to come here” and “I would like to come here, too, when I’m older.”
  4. To create a facility where our customers can live life their own way, comfortably.
  5. To create a facility where our customers and staff can form a trusting relationship as they begin to think with the same mind.
  6. To create a facility that will act as a medical base for the local residents, customers, and staff.

Our Course of Action

  1. We will assist customers with their daily life in order for them to spend their last days with smile.
  2. We will create a clean and friendly environment, and we will respond to the needs of the customers.
  3. Our nursing care, while resembling the warming care of your family, will provide support with the goal of self-reliance whenever possible.
  4. We will also offer in-home care for those who wish to live in their own homes, peacefully, and without worry.
  5. We want to create a facility where local residents feel welcome.
  6. We will also strive to be the place where local residents can find medical information, learn about prevention of disease, and receive treatment and rehabilitation.
  7. We will be the network that connects all the medical care in the regio

History of Shuhokai


Social Welfare Corporation Shuhokai

Date Founded

December 18, 1987

September 1988
  • Special elderly nursing home
  • Short-term admission life care business (short stay) opened
October 1988
  • Opened day service
March 1996
  • Home care support office (Kihoku Town Home Care Center)
  • Town elderly welfare business (Kihoku Town home care support center) opened
January 1997
  • Home-visit care office (home help service) opened
April 1999
  • Clinic opened
April 2003
  • Home care business for the physically handicapped
April 2005
  • 20-bed unit new building extension opened
May 2007
  • Opening of outpatient rehabilitation
July 2007
  • Opened daycare center in the park
July 2010
  • 3 floor short-term admission extension
August 2014
  • Residential pay nursing home opened
April 2015
  • Okinawa office (children’s day service) opened
  • Long-term care staff beginner training business started
April 2016
  • Opening of small-scale multifunctional home care
June 2018
  • Kumamoto Office opened
December 2018
  • Nursery school (Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka) opened
Our Service Outline

Long-term Care Welfare Facility MIDORI NO SONO(Capacity: 70 «which includes: 20 in the unit») (Short-term Capacity: 11)
Day Service Center Midori No Sono (35)
Kihoku In-home Care Support Center
Kihoku In-home Care Support General Center (In-home Care Service)
Home Helper Station Midori No Sono
Midori Meisei Clinic
Corporate House Ichinari No Sato (Group Home) (9)
Child Day-care Piccolo Dome
Outpatient Rehabilitation Center (40)
Tsuneyoshi Nichirinkan (Satellite Day Service) (40)
Green Bird Kumamoto Home Care Support Office
Green Bird Suizenji Park Home-visit Nursing Care Office
Little Green Bird Yogi Class
Little Green Bird Omoromachi 4-chome Classroom
Little Green Bird Nesabu Classroom
Little Green Bird Tomishiro Classroom
Chojabaru Genki Nursery School

Our Objective

The purpose of our facility is to care and nurture by considering the needs and honoring the dignity of our customers requiring various types of services to be able to lead a social life and to promote self-reliance in thus improving their welfare through embracing changes and seeking new opportunities to serve.


2121-3 Ichinari, Kihoku-chō, Kanoya City, Kagoshima Prefecture