Ichinari No Hibiki

Ichinari No HibikiIchinari No Hibiki

Our Philosophy Management

We offer warm social and medical services for our customers, to be healthy, happy and full of smiles, in order to blossom with richness of spirit.。

Our Policy

  • To maintain a healthy and comfortable environment for our customers at all times.
  • To plan and establish a development program for our staff on fundamental skills of nursing care standards and performance improvement in serving the customer.
  • To hold a service management system that will be rooted to the public and to provide consistently high quality customer service.

Specific Content of the Fundamental Policy

  1. Employ the skills and knowledge presented in the customer service training program to ensure that customers are served appropriately
  2. Proper deployment of human resources for cost-control
  3. To identify and understand the needs suited for each customer by coordinating with relevant care institutions in providing health and medical welfare services
  4. To interact and collaborate with the public and other care service establishments in meeting customers’ needs

Facility Description

Residential Style Private Retirement Homes Ichinari No Hibiki

Address 2124-1 Ichinari, Kihoku-chō
Kanoya City, Kagoshima Prefecture 899-8511
Date Established August 1, 2014
Facility Type Residential Type Private Retirement Homes
Contract Type Rental
Building Structure Steel, 2-storey building
Room 10-unit rooms
Room Type 12.00㎡
Prerequisite generally people aged 65 and over
Annex Home Care Service
Multifunctional Small Group Home
Operating Body Social Welfare Corporation Shuhokai
Room Facilities nurse call lavatory, air-conditioner accessible toilet, closet

Facility Service Charge

Rent \24,000~30,000
Food (tax included) ※1 \45,000
Maintenance Fee (tax included) ※2 \20,000

※1 3/day x 30 days computation
※2 facility management cost, office expenses, and utilities included


Address:2124-1 Ichinari, Kihoku-chō, Kanoya City