Day Service Center Greenbird

デイサービスセンター グリーンバード
At the Greenbird Day Service Center, we follow the motto, “cheerfully, happily and lively” in assisting you with the following

  1. Outings and social interchange
  2. Reduction of family care
  3. Functional and everyday life training

Our Day Service Center’s Features

Enforcement of Group Recreation

We prepare two kinds of selective daily recreational activities (except for Sundays) for our customers. We also offer more than two new combined activities of “static and dynamic action.

Our “Onsen” (Hot Spring Bath)

he quasi-natural hot spring at the day service is a mineral hot bath (artificial) with kōmyō stone (natural ore).
Efficacy: Neuralgia, rheumatism, lower back pain, stiff shoulder, hemorrhoids, poor blood circulation, fatigue
With the effective ionization of the natural ore (that is said to be one of the strongest among hot spring minerals), this mineral bath will relax you from the core of your body leaving your skin smooth with its soft and smooth water texture. Adding to that, it is an eco-friendly mineral bath.
Please come spend some time with us and we will promise to enliven your senses.

Our most recent task is to include customers’ hobbies or leisure interests into the individual assistance plan in scheming more active life improvements.

Course of the Day


We offer pick-up and drop-off services through individual correspondence to fit our customers’ needs.
After arriving at the day center, we offer you oshibori (hand towel) and drinks that you can choose from: green tea, konbu cha (kelp tea), and coffee.

Health Check

We check your health (body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate) while communicating with you.

Bathing Service

We assist and bathe our customers by their level of independence. We offer hair styling, drinks, and nail clipping after bath.


We prepare and serve lunch suited to the customers: normal foods, bite-sized pieces, soft foods, and others.


We start with singing songs and doing some rehabilitation exercises before proceeding to group recreations.

Snack Time

For other annual events and activities, we have New Year’s party, outings for viewing cherry blossoms, birthday parties, and Christmas Party. We all whole-heartedly welcome your visit at our day service center. Please feel free to come.