Peace of mind and peace-For consultation about long-term care services, “Home Care Comprehensive Center”-

輝北在宅介護総合センター 鹿屋市北部地区地域包括支援センター
A long-term care support specialist will visit your home, interview you and your family, and after asking your wishes, we will create a care plan by combining services covered by long-term care insurance and services not covered by long-term care insurance.

Address: 2121-3 Kihokucho Ichinari, Kanoya City, 899-8511
Phone: 099-485-1185

Service contents


  • We accept comprehensive consultations related to long-term care insurance.
  • We will create a care plan for those who are certified as long-term care.
  • We will coordinate with each related organization to use the service.
  • We will apply on behalf of various procedures such as long-term care insurance application.
  • We will consult and arrange housing renovation work.
  • We will consult and arrange the purchase and rental of nursing care products.
  • We will consult and make adjustments regarding facility admission.
  • Other