1.Definition of Terms in this Privacy Policy

Personal Information

The term “personal information” as used in this policy means information pertaining to individual persons such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, place of employment, and contents of inquiry, that when used individually or in combination can identify specific individuals.

Personal Data

The term “personal data” as used in this policy means information that identifies a specific individual. Such personal data is stored and organized in accordance with specific policy and searchable digitally and by index or table of content.

Personal Data held by Kōtokukai Midori No Sono

The term “personal data held by Shuhoukai” as used in this policy means information created and organized by Kōtokukai Midori No Sono, which Shuhoukai is authorized to disclose or revise. However, the information controlled by laws and regulations is excluded.

2.Collecting of Personal Information

We collect personal information with by legitimate and fair means.

3.Use of Personal Information

Shuhoukai clearly specifies the purpose of use when collecting personal information. Kōtokukai Midori No Sono uses personal information within the scope of use that is clearly specified by the company and only to the extent necessary for business operation. For business operation, Kōtokukai Midori No Sono may share or outsource the handling of customer information to a third party. In such case, Kōtokukai Midori No Sono strictly supervises the proper handling of such personal information

4.Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

Except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations or stipulated in the following sections, personal information will not be disclose to third party without the relevant individual’s permission.
Shuhoukai may when required by necessity provide personal information to third parties with obtaining the consent of the relevant individual. In such case, Kōtokukai Midori No Sono will stop providing personal information upon individual request.

5.Security Control Measures for Personal Information

Shuhoukai applies the following measures for the safe management of personal information held by the company. In order to prevent loss, damage, manipulation, and leakage of personal information, Kōtokukai Midori No Sono takes reasonable measures against unauthorized access, computer viruses, etc.
Shuhoukai employs “Information Security Committee” and “management representative/s” in each relevant department that deals with personal information.

6.Disclosure, Correction, and Discontinuation of Use of Personal Information

Any request for disclosure, correction, and discontinuation of use of personal information held by Shuhoukai shall be promptly handled in accordance with laws and regulations after such request is received from the relevant individual.

7.Establishment and Implementation of Rules for the Protection of Personal Information

Shuhoukai has established and follows internal regulation regarding the protection of personal information and ensures that all employees and other related individuals are current with said internal regulations. Kōtokukai Midori No Sono also continually maintains and improves said internal regulations as necessary.

8.Application and Revision of the Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy becomes applicable on the day it is posted on this page. The Privacy Policy may be altered without advance notification in accordance with laws and regulations or when Shuhoukai deems it necessary. Updates will be posted as new information becomes available.